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The Japanese cars have made a huge imprint on the heart, people in North and South America including major countries like USA, Canada, Brazil and etc has mostly opted for Japanese brands like Toyota, , and etc. Their name says all for the readers that how prominent and popular these brands are. Having trust on particular brand let you win the battle alone and this is what Japanese manufacturer have worked on. They made such reliable and trusted cars which have won people’s trust which turned out in favor massively. The same did not worked for American manufacturer as they failed to make an attempt which could have won consumer’s trust and they rather preferred to provide luxury rather than safety, comfort, durability and cheap maintenance.

As we understand the automobile industry is one of the very dynamic and diversified industry and change in duration of time. Today every leading automaker has plant in other countries thus it cannot be said that a car is pure Japanese or American. There might be usage of spare part, assembling and other work, therefore it would not be prudent to say that car is totally American made or the car is totally Japanese. Presently there are three inputs of known as auto components, skilled and unskilled labor and machines. Thus wherever the input cost is low, cars are considered to manufactured in that country. This is where the Japanese automaker has won the battle as when they come out they are cheap for consumers. Apart from being cheap they indeed offer superlative quality, top notch smoothness and quality you can trust anytime, any day thus making these cars favorite for inhabitants in their respective countries.

Cause of the above discussed reason there has been a slight issue with manufacturing components, as cars are not being up to mark for what they used to be and gained consumers trust. This can certainly lead to a downfall for Japanese automaker. This way Japanese automakers can go downfall in their popularity and trust among people’s heart while American automaker should learn to become the opportunist. They can come in trend again like they were before, and American car can retain same position in the market which they used to capture before the dominance of Foreign cars. American automobile giants like , and have to think to regain the market by pulling up new strategies and much favorable offers to the American market as new buyers are ever coming and chances to claim the opportunity are indeed high.

The Cold War has been followed by the class war

Despite the obsolescence, American cars made a drastic change in models designs and features and are now making a rapid progress. The remodeled cars are earning some reputable reviews and have been restored by many of the classic car lovers. The new edge which has brought a new change for American car makers is their transformation to huge SUVs and heavy massive engine which looks as if a giant truck engine is powering them, the motto that the bigger the better did not made any good to the makers thus bringing a mere change in approach.

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Usually American cars are luxury and cost effective in terms of maintenance or fuel which cannot be fulfilled easily. People in gulf (Middle East) are the one who prefer having luxury cars as the prices for fuel over there are comparatively low as compare to United States. But same situation is in gulf countries as not more than 40% populations prefer to have luxury Americans car and most of the inhabitants prefer to opt Japanese sedans. For their smoothness, reliability and same factors in lesser cost and easily maintainable convenience.

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Japanese car industry with more brands and leading names worldwide has an edge over American automotive industry. American cars have overall good reputation within the States and meets all the requirement of consumers yet there has been a little gap which majority feels that Japanese brands have fulfilled. People depend on Japanese cars as they are easily maintained, cost effective in case of damages and dents on car body. People in United States depend on foreign cars and not a high percentage goes for local.

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The fact still remains unanswered and vague for many of the automobile analyst yet they make statements in favor of Japanese automobiles in the present era as well as coming times seeing the growth and exceptional trust they have till now in major continents like Asia, Europe and even America. This fact can be seen where luxury and expensive sports car are often seen competing cars like Honda civic in a popular movie fast n furious. The future of automobile is stepping up ahead forward with more growing competition among the two while participation from other developing countries is also expected to join in the race.