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Jay Parini enjoys Augusten Burroughs's collection of personal essays, Magical Thinking.

Chronicler of every single moment of his life Augusten Burroughs is back with yet another memoir, this one titled A Wolf At the Table. Despite his marvelous success as an humorist and essayist, his latest 'oir hinges on the darker tales of his late father John Robison, a popular professor at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst who by all accounts wasn't the kindest patriarch to his wife and children. That Robison is a complicated and troubled man isn't in dispute. What is up for debate in this Times piece are certain episodes of what Burroughs calls "stunning psychological cruelty." For example, the book claims Robison put a cigarette out on Burroughs' forehead. The surviving members of the Robison family also have divergent memories of a scene from A Wolf At the Table in which Burroughs defends himself and his brother John Elder Robison from their father with a BB gun. After the jump, the two sons and their mother relate three different versions of the same sad tale.

Burroughs is best known as the author of dark-comedy childhood memoir
Running with Scissors, which was made into a 2006 film with Alec Baldwin and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Are the publicists at St. Martins Press expert spinmeisters, or are they obfuscatemeisters like their author Augusten Burroughs? That's what we're wondering after reading the press release they distributed this morning about the settlement of the Turcotte family's lawsuit against Burroughs, which, as the AP reported, will result in the reclassification of the book "as a 'book' rather than 'memoirs.'" But St. Martins Press disagrees, or lies, or something, though.

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Non-fiction: Memoir: John Elder Robison's memoir of growing up with Asperger's Syndrome and emerging as a fully-realized adult, with a foreword by Robison's brother, Augusten Burroughs, to Rachel Klayman at Crown, in a pre-empt, in a major deal, reportedly for $1.1 million (NY Post dollars), by Christopher Schelling at Ralph M. Vicinanza (world).

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"Sure, A Million Little Pieces author James Frey is a fraud, but Augusten Burroughs is an even bigger phony." Ouch! What could have possibly spawned such a cutting remark about that scamp Burroughs? Why, a little Fake Writerness, of course!

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Augusten Burroughs is not only diagnosable for clinical substance dependence, but could be considered the poster child of the disorder, fulfilling almost every criterion for the diagnosis.

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Running With Scissors author Augusten Burroughs gives an on-camera interview in which he reveals his secret writing process to the world. He works in bed! Gets up, showers, gets dressed, walks the dog, makes the bed, then gets back in bed. Weird. More importantly, he shares his simple and foolproof solution to overcoming writer's block. Hint: "It's like dropping a couple of Alka-Seltzer tablets into water. Fizz!...If you want to find out how powerful the storm is, fly the plane into the eye of the storm!" Okay! The revelatory video is below:

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"That's the great thing about advertising," Burroughs explained in ,his grab-it-from-the-shelves 2003 follow-up to . "Ad peopledon't care where you came from, who your parents were... You could have acrawl space under your kitchen floor filled with little girls' bones andas long as you can dream up a better Chuck Wagon commercial, you're in."The firm disapproved of drinking that increasingly derailed Burroughswork, though, and gave him an ultimatum: get your ass to rehab or you'refired. He opted for an all-gay rehab in Duluth, Minnesota that wasreplete with smocks and singalongs, and for awhile, it took. But theagony of watching his beloved friend, Pighead, disintegrate from AIDSprompted Burroughs to imbibe and soon he was jobless and living infilth. After a necessary bottom-hitting scrape with his own death, hemade a second, desperate lunge toward sobriety.

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And -- presto! -- that's what he did. Burroughs' 2000 novel,, a frothy, behind-the-scenes jab at home shopping televisionshows, garnered strong reviews and moderate sales. But nothing couldhave prepared him for the mega-success of his 2002 memoir, Running WithScissors. Burroughs detailed life with a pseudo-poet mother ("[I] wasmeant to be a very famous woman!"), a stringent, academic father, andDr. Finch, the deviant psychiatrist with whom he was sent to live afterthe inevitable rupture of his parents' booze-soaked marriage. JulianneMoore has signed on to play Burroughs' mom in the film adaptation of . creator Ryan Murphy will helm.

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Today Burroughs is clean and fit, sporting his trademark baseball cap andwire rim glasses around Manhattan's Upper West Side, where he nestscozily with his boyfriend, Dennis. ("We don't go out," he confides. "Welive like lesbians.") What kind of life is that for the writer whoplayed with electro-shock equipment as a child? A fine one, it turnsout. "Damaged but invigorated and fucking lucky," he describes himselfin "Total Turnaround," a standout essay from . Acompendium that covers ground untilled in and , burstswith first dates and puppy adoption and jaunts to Amish country, yetremains as milk-through-your-nose funny as its predecessors. Sure, thereare tales of a psychopathic cleaning lady, a shit-eating opossum, and alover with "micro-penis" -- it's still Burroughs --but this time, thesurprises are mostly sweet instead of horrifying. He sidestepsI've-got-it-all-figured-out-now cheese that afflicts the affianced andpaints love in a way that's meaningful and real. Somehow, he's emergedfrom his helter skelter past to offer readers the unlikeliest of gifts:optimism.