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MLB Community Programs Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities Holy Redeemer s Sean Wills delivers a pitch against Hanover Area in WVC Division baseball action Wednesday afternoon in Hanover Township

As I predicted several years ago, the data below shows that the game of college baseball changed significantly after the BBCOR standard was adopted at the beginning of the 2011 season. The BBCOR bat performance standard has returned the game of college baseball to a wood bat game. But, also as expected, the change to the flat-seam ball is allowing well-hit balls to travel farther, and home-runs and runs-scored-per-game are both increasing quickly.

The NCAA publishes a summary of , which includes yearly results for batting averages, home runs per game, runs scored per game, strikeouts per 9 innings, pitcher earned-run-averages, stolen bases, and fielding percentages.[1] In this article I will display the statistical data graphically and discuss the performance trends aluminum and composite bats as well as identifying the effects of bat performance standards. But, before I discussing the NCAA data trends below, I should highlight several important dates regarding the performance of baseball bats:

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Baseball has the image of stability and conservatism, yet ithas been rocked by more labor disputes and unrest than any otherpopular-culture industry except journalism.

AdamSmith as the Great Commissioner of Baseball.

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That is why baseball enthusiastslike to quote him.

The Braves are are a good place to start, as they have one of the deepest, best systems in baseball, one worthy of agog adulation (and if you prefer Myötähäpeä, don’t worry, the Marlins will be along shortly). They are also useful for illustrating another important point about prospect lists.

OFP 70—All-star shortstop Likely 60—First division shortstop

An interesting data set is the number of strike outs per 9 innings for NCAA Division 1 college pitchers. During the same years that batting averages, home runs, and runs scored were increasing, pitchers were having a terrible time getting hitters to strike out. This may not be directly related to the introduction of aluminum bats, and bad pitching may also be part of the reason why batting averages and home runs increased in the years after aluminum bats were introduced to college baseball. Notice, for example, that the number of strike-outs per nine innings dropped by a full strike-out in the three years before aluminum bats were introduced.

"Two Observations on the Cultural Significance of Baseball"

Before moving on to look at other data I should point out one other statistic I found which demonstrates that regardless of the bat, good hitters will find ways to make contact with the ball. In 1957 during the wood-only era the best college team batting average was 0.473. In 1994, when aluminum bats ruled the game, the best team college batting average was 0.474.[5] So, while one could well argue that aluminum bats have helped the average player to make solid contact with the ball more often, the best players in the game are able to hit about the same with wood or aluminum, at least when it comes to batting averages.

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What Barzun'sbaseball comments represent is that, by the middle of the twentiethcentury, baseball as an unquestioned symbol and performance-ritual of thebest qualities of something called Americanism was an entrenched truism.

excerpts from: "Birdland: Two Observations on the Cultural Significance of Baseball" by Gerald Early American Poetry Review, July/August 1996, pp. 9-10

In 2015 NCAA switched to a flat-seam baseball, but this appears to have had little impact on battering averages. Home runs and runs scored per game have increased because the flat-seam ball has less air-resistance and balls that are hit into the deep outfield now make it over the fence for home run. But, balls hit for singles or doubles are still hit for singles and doubles. The collision between bat and ball has not changed, just the distance travelled by a well hit ball, put high into the air toward the outfield.

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