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The caligraphy and imagery in each painting take on spiritual significance.

This new age brought reform and restoration to Chinese culture though both technological advancement and ideas that were not as significantly strong as when they were expressed in the past....

''I have focused a big part of my work on hunger and poverty issues and have worked in several countries in Europe, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Western Asia. Through agricultural development I have been able to evolve, refining my niche as I learn and grow. My scholarship is focused on teaching and learning methodologies, and on lessons learned from development programs. That helps me to improve my own teaching and gives me plenty of case studies and personal stories for my courses.''

This is a modern book about symbolism found in Chinese art. An A-to-Z catalog of hundreds of symbols represented in the Chinese arts, with images and text to explore their meanings. Includes more than 200 color and black-and-white images of ceramics, porcelains, carvings, lacquers, embroidery, paintings, and wood blocks depicting the various symbols.

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Students holding a B.A. in Music are prepared to enter a variety of fields. The degree provides a foundation for studio teaching, music business, arts administration, performance, and church music. Students also pursue graduate study in music or other disciplines that accept a general liberal arts degree for entry.

History Chinese music dates back to 1000 BC.

School-based field experience is the heart of the program; students are placed in a middle-grades classroom with an experienced mentor teacher beginning in their first semester, building toward full-time student teaching in their last. The program puts special emphasis on diversity; positive learning environments; high-poverty and non-native English speaking populations; curriculum, instruction, and assessment; family and community engagement; civic education; and policy studies.

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The Birth through kindergarten emphasis prepares teachers to work with birth through kindergarten-age children with and without disabilities. The curriculum promotes developmentally appropriate inclusive and collaborative teaching practices with engaging instruction and support to young children and their families. Field placements in classes with infants/toddlers, preschoolers, pre-k, and kindergarten are provided. Graduates are recommended to the Georgia Professional Standards Commission for a renewable teaching certificate in birth through kindergarten and preschool special education.

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The program features a clinical experience where majors spend a significant amount of time observing and engaging teachers in partner schools, ultimately planning, teaching, and assessing actual students. This practicum combines with university coursework where practice is rethought and refined through interaction with faculty, doctoral students, and cutting-edge research. All majors choose an area of teaching specialization in Economics, History, Geography, or Political Science.

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Career opportunities span a broad range of professions, including religious ministry, teaching, law, business, and government. An undergraduate degree in Religion is also good preparation for further graduate study.

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''No question about it—Public Relations Research Methods is my favorite class, hands down. I love the class not only because I love research but also because of the very visible transformation you see in the students throughout the semester. They come into the class quite nervous about what is to come and sure that they will never use research in the real world, but through the class we break down these barriers—I think my excitement for the topic is catching. I hope they see the way to be successful is to make success for yourself.''

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The PR major at the University of Georgia is designed to train students as analysts, creative thinkers, writers, planners, and policy makers in public relations and related fields for the 21st century. Students take courses in communications, campaigning, graphics, news writing & reporting, marketing, and others, with over 70% of faculty bringing professional experience to their teaching and research.

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Career opportunities are available in private or government laboratories, computer-related professions, university and secondary school teaching, planetariums, museums, observatories, and others.

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“Teaching is a privilege and a great responsibility. The privilege involves touching people’s lives in ways that strive to improve their well-being. The responsibility deals with the charge of creating experiences that help learners discover and construct knowledge for themselves. My teaching centers on my belief that students must be engaged actively in the educational process in order to promote deep understanding and produce learning. I incorporate this belief into my classroom and mentoring activities by fostering discussion, independent and/or group research, exchanging expertise between classmates, and having students perform tasks with consequences. My goal is to move students beyond knowledge gains to develop skills and critical reasoning.”