The cyber bully is the person with the problem, not you.

The number of teen suicide due to the cyber bullying is increasing day by day.

Cyber bullying does not only occur inside of classrooms, but it also occurs outside of schools due to social media that is being presented to young students by society....

Since its birth, computer has had massive impact, on the way world is perceived. Its technology has invaded all aspects of life, spanning from economic and business procedures to simple day to day interaction. Global economies are now computer-based, and companies, of all different scales, base their progress and viability on the effective use of computers. Additionally, interaction has been revolutionized. Instant communication via emails and chat rooms, makes sharing ideas and information possible, as never before.

According to the Megan Meier Foundation’s statistics about cyber-bullying, around fifty-three percent of adolescents admitted to saying mean and hurtful comments to peers through social media....

Second try to view cyber bullying from a different perspective.

According to a non-profit organization for social revision, “eighty-one percent of adolescents think bullying online is easier to get away with than bullying in person.” (11 Facts About Cyber Bullying).

It is important to know that cyber bullying can be charged as crimes.

Internet Addiction refers to “an individual’s inability to control their Internet use, which in turn leads to feelings of distress and functional impairment of daily activities.” (Douglas, 3) Why is Cyber Relationship Addiction in Singapore an important topic of interest....

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Cyber bullying typically starts at the ages of 9 though to approximately 14, after 14 years of age it develops into harassment, or is considered as sexual harassment due to the age of the actors (Aftab PowerPoint communications,2006).Cyber bullying affects different aspects of one’s health; mentally, emotionally and physically....

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Louise Cobb (2010) suggests that; Cyber bullying can lead to serious emotional consequences, including depression, low self-esteem, anxiety disorders and suicide.

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The 21st century can be characterized as the computer century. Computer revolution was initiated after World War II and is continuously evolving ever since. Changes in everyday life can be straightforwardly observed, should one compare life nowadays to that 30 years ago. Nowadays, people have direct access to immense knowledge information, through internet and electronic libraries, communicate with other people globally, through online social media, manage their job tasks with computer-based software, and these are only some paradigms of the impact computers have to contemporary life.

Cyber-Bullying essaysCyber-bullying has been a problem for a very long time. Due to the development of our technology today, cyber-bullying has become one of …

From this information, the Year 11 Health Education students decided to implement an action plan to minimise the prevalence of Cyber bullying and increase awareness among the Year 9 students at Meridan.

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Yet, despite the great advantages technology gives to us, with our increased reliance and connectivity comes an increased risk of crime, namely cybercrime (Department of Homeland Security, 2013)....