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The absence of a dowry would call into question the legitimacy of the marriage.

Christian weddings hold many traditions and superstitions that seemingly defy logic. Although most couples no longer have arranged marriages or dowries, fathers still give their daughters away during the services. The bride and groom do not see each other before the ceremony, fearing that bad luck might come their way. A friend scolde...

Also, you can read an essay called "Women in Mesopotamia" by Jessica Bieda by accessing the "University of Arizona Women's Studies Department - WS200 Webpage Project."

Long before India gainedindependence, the then provincial Government of Sind passed an enactment knownas "Sind Deti Leti Act, 1939" with a view to deal effectively withthe evils of dowry system but the enactment had neither any impact nor couldcreate the desired effect.

The Dowry Prohibition (Amendment) Act,1984.

During the last few decades the evils of dowrysystem has taken an acute form in almost all parts of the country and in almostall the sections of society.

The Dowry Prohibition (Amendment) Act,1986.

In a bid to eradicate this evil from the society,the State Governments of Bihar and Andhra Pradesh enacted "The Bihar DowryRestraint Act, 1950" and "The Andhra Pradesh Dowry Prohibition Act,1958" for the respective States, but both these enactments failed toachieve the objectives for which they were enacted.

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I have to do an essay on the condition of women in Britain after the second world war. I've some material but think it is not useful.

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This is not to say that women have not been political! In spite of limits on their access to public political power, throughout time women have been active political agents. How is another essay!

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Most of the good history being written today looks at the whole range of female activities, making an effort to place them in solid historical context. It is a history in which the lives of half of humanity are researched and written about in an effort to flesh out, or enhance, the story of our past. It does not necessarily have anything to do with the women's movement. It is simply an effort to come closer to describing the historical reality. There are times when the lives of women have differed enough from those of men that a separate description is needed - their work, role within the family, political participation, social expectations, and so forth. This can be, and sometimes is, incorporated into the studies made of a period. Since, however, the historical doings of women usually have been overlooked, or ignored, or poorly researched, we mainly have had a history which is seen through only a half-opened window. This is also the case when we leave out the perspective and lives of people on the bottom of society's ladder (slaves, serfs, lower classes, workers), or minorities within a larger society. The arguments for women's history as history are many, and I would have you explore not just the Internet (where the emphasis tends to be on "great women"), but journals such as the Journal of Women's History, and some of the links on my links page which include more general essays.

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At any rate, both practices appeared in the earliest archaic states, which were characterized by the emergence of property classes and hierarchies. One source I have notes that in early Sumer, a man was required to pay a brideprice to the girl’s father. And the father was required to pay his daughter a dowry, which usually was at least equal to the brideprice. Later Mesopotamian texts and codes clearly show an interest both in bride price and in dowry, and that inheritance rights were important - as well as the regulation of sexual behavior and marriage, with women being restricted more severely than men. Sometimes the groom’s father would pay the bride’s father a betrothal and bridal gift. After the marriage, the father of the bride would give the woman a dowry, also known as “settlement.”