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Most of the pilgrims come from Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. European countries and the Americas also have representatives at the feast-day celebrations. The commemoration culminates with the celebration of Mass.

In recent years the Ugandan government has joined with the Catholic bishops to make the feast-day celebrations more successful by improving the area around the Namugongo shrine. The basilica, built in 1968, has undergone an expansion. Water and power services have been renovated, and new roads and a joint security base have been constructed. The Ministry of Tourism set aside the month of May to promote the activities leading up to the martyrs’ feast day.

Earlier this month, thousands of Catholic pilgrims trekked across East Africa to Uganda to be part of the massive celebration of the feast of the Ugandan Martyrs on June 3. The feast day is observed annually at the Martyr Shrines in Namugongo, near the Ugandan capital of Kampala.

But this day is alsocelebrated in almost every town and village in Greece especially those with a church dedicated to the Panagia (Virgin Mary).

Each year a theme is chosen for the feast-day celebrations; this year’s theme was, “Stand firm in the faith that you have been taught.” The theme called on Catholics to be strong witnesses of faith as individuals, within their families and places of work, and in all their interactions.

Republic Day is celebrated in India on 26th day of January every year

Glory and pride would rule hearts this day as our President hoists the tricolour flag. Then what would follow is a magnanimous parade on Rajpath that would make the day for many of us. This is the day when we should truly gain some resolutions and get rid of our preconceived notions and march towards the betterment of our society, our nation. Things we feel about our nation should be on our lips not just the social network. After all, it is MY country. Take pride in being an INDIAN and start doing. Sit back and relax- not happening, so what if it’s a holiday! Being excited about a holiday so that I can sleep those extra two hours shouldn’t be the motto. Wake up and celebrate the freedom we have in our hands. Celebrate the freedom of being able to speak what is in my mind. Celebrate the spirit of our fighters who went through bloodshed. Celebrate, celebrate and celebrate OUR nation’s day. Republic we are, and we will stay united till the last breaths of our lives. Rise and shine, tomorrow is Republic Day!

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From the picturesque ceremony of crowning the bride and groom at their wedding, to the interpretation of the symbolism of icons, to Mount Athos, the monastic republic whhere women are forbidden to set foot, this book provides the visitor with the means to make a holiday in Greece more interesting.

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