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People are only successful in winning the battle of adversity when they are mentally tough....

The AFL also adopted the first-ever cooperative television plan for rofessional ootball, in which the league office negotiated an ABC-TV contract, the proceeds of which were divided equally among member clubs.

The AFL's challenge to the NFL also made possible the only four World Championship Games ever played between the champions of two major football leagues.

The physical toll that football players pay is almost impossible to comprehend unless one has actually played the sport for a significant amount of time.

For example, there is professional, semi-pro, college, high school and pop warner.

The first international game took place in 1888 between England and Scotland, finishing 0-0. In the early 20th century with international games becoming increasingly popular a man named Jules Rimet came up with the idea that football could be the ideal ways for opposing nations to compete in a friendly situation. His idea was that every four years a tournament would be held to determine which country was the best at football, the World Cup. Suprisingly the idea was not greeted with much enthusasium, at the first World Cup held in Uruguay only eight teams participated, England who were asked to go, refused, believing it to be of no importance. The tournament however continued regardless and the hosts Uruguay were crowned the greatest side in the world after conquering Brazil in front of over one hundred thousand people in Montevideo. Since this inaugural competion, the World Cup has grown from strength to strength; it is now considered by many to be the number one sporting event in the world. So popular have such international tournaments proved that many continents have formed their own competitions. The European Championships for example, which are competed for by countries exclusively from Europe and the Copa America were countries only from South America are allowed to attend.

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In the next part, I will analyze the marketing communications campaign of Nike football shoes, and explore how Nike put the marketing communication process model into practice.

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Professional and college football are by far the most popular and contains the biggest fan base.

Though extremely popular in European countries, soccer took a long time to gain momentum in the United States because Americans put more money and attention into other sports like baseball, football, and basketball.

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Instead, college football institutes a system of polls combined with various computer formulas that determine the top-two teams in the country, who then compete in a major bowl game to decide the eventual champion....

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NCAA Division 1-A football differs from all other collegiate level sports in that it caps its season with a Bowl Championship Series game, instead of a playoff system designed to determine a champion.

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In the modern day world, football is professionally played with so many teams evolving worldwide. However, soccer is also played at an amateur level in various parts of the world. The famous clubs in the world are in England, Italy, Spain and some countries in South America. Players in these clubs are paid highly. It is also observed that soccer nowadays evokes emotions from football fans who end up committing atrocities in the field when their favorite teams are defeated by opponents.

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Soccer was started around 2000 years ago. Its origin is traced to China although people from Rome, Greece and some sections in Central America also believe soccer originated from their countries. However, it is common knowledge that the current form of soccer was first played in England. It is in England where rules were formulated to guide in playing the game. For instance rules against touching the ball with hands. In England, schools started playing soccer and formulating there own rules. At the same time, clubs that were not connected to schools also started playing soccer but with different rules. This therefore meant that the rules being applied were not universal. In this accord, the Football Association was formed in 1893 to standardize these rules. Currently, the rules of soccer are being set by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) which was established in 1886. The world’s oldest soccer competition is the FA Cup that was started in 1872 with English clubs competing amongst each other.