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Amelia’s aviation career has made her one of the utmost recognizable woman aviators of all time.

“Hateful to me as are the gates of hell, is he who, hiding one thing in his heart, utters another.” This inspiring quote came from one of Homers epic poems, The Iliad....

Marvin reacts to Lymon’s friendship with distaste, physical and mental abuse, but ulterior motives begin to form when Marvin realizes the power Lymon has over Amelia.

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Nikumaroro, formerly Gardner Island, is an atoll about four hundred miles southeast of Howland. At low tide, it is surrounded by a broad, flat apron of coral where a plane could safely touch down. The interior is covered with dense tropical vegetation bordering a lagoon. In 1929, a steamer went aground on the reef, and when its crew was rescued it left behind a cache of provisions. The atoll was deserted until 1938, when it became one of the last outposts of the British Empire to be colonized, and was settled by natives of the Gilbert Islands. (A prolonged drought forced the inhabitants to abandon Nikumaroro in the nineteen-sixties.)

Amelia Earhart was a very famous, record-setting woman aviator.

In 1940, a colonial administrator and his work party found a liqueur bottle and some corks, a human skull and some bones, the partial sole of a woman’s shoe, parts of a man’s shoe, and a sextant box. (Noonan had a mariner’s sextant on board.) A year later, the skull and the bones were examined by a British doctor on Fiji. The relics subsequently vanished, but when the doctor’s notes came to light, in the nineteen-nineties, they were reviewed by forensic anthropologists. Their verdict, according to Gillespie, is that they probably belonged to a female, about five feet seven (Earhart was an inch taller), of Northern European origin.

That same year two major publishers printed biographies on him.

Amelia Earhart is known in the American perception as one of the world's most famous aviators.

It is hard to know whether, or how long, Earhart would have stayed in social work if Railey hadn’t offered her a shot at glory. She could, for a while, throw herself into a high-minded endeavor, but she lacked the discipline to see it through. She dallied with Chapman for six years, breaking their engagement when she became famous. (He never married.) She warned Putnam that she was incapable of fidelity, and she apparently made good on her threat. Her flights were feats of courage and endurance, but compared with the achievements of the women in her scrapbook their significance was ephemeral. Her unique experience might have yielded a memoir that would still be read, yet she published only three slight books, one of them posthumous, which were rushed out, for commercial reasons, in weeks. When people asked Earhart why she flew, she liked to say, “For the fun of it,” and “The Fun of It” was the title of her second book. Gravity was uncongenial to her, and she made light even of grave things. There was ether in the very sound of her name. Physically, too, she seemed like an airy spirit—Ariel, impatient to be set free.

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Among the admirers of her bravado was the Earharts’ new boarder. (They had lost a chunk of Amy’s inheritance in a disastrous mining venture promoted by Amelia.) Sam Chapman, an engineer from Marblehead, Massachusetts, was five years Amelia’s senior. They played tennis and discussed philosophy, Butler writes, and he shared her progressive ideals, including, apparently, her notions of equality between a husband and a wife. Before he left California, in 1924, he asked her to marry him, and she accepted.

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The torrid prose and the fantasy of surrender are almost a parody of the genre, and Amelia, of all people, knew that there were no idylls, especially between men and women. Yet the ending rings true. It is one that she herself tried to write. She abandons everything, and flies away. ♦

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After I gleaned what information I could, I returned the book and talked to my friend online, he started talking about you, how you came to lecture for them at M.I.T., and that you are a fascinating person....

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Each time we make a choice, we pay with courage to behold the restless day and count it fair." Those were the words of Amelia Earhart in a poem she wrote, entitled "Courage." Amelia Earhart knew a lot about courage....

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From the time of her birth in Atchison, Kansas, to her disappearance in the Pacific Ocean at the age of 39, Amelia Earhart was venerated as a beacon of hope for women aviators around the world.

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After years of litigation with her brother, Amy finally extracted her share of the Otis patrimony, and sent Amelia, at nineteen, to a ritzy boarding school in Philadelphia. Many of her classmates were content to be “finished,” but Amelia kept a scrapbook of clippings about self-starting women: a fire lookout, a police commissioner, an engineer. Her plans, after graduation, were to attend Bryn Mawr, but they changed abruptly on a Christmas holiday in Toronto, where she and Amy were visiting Muriel. The city was filled with wounded soldiers. Amelia dropped out of school, enrolled in a nursing course, and volunteered at a military hospital. When Canada was hit by the Spanish-flu pandemic in June of 1918, Amelia caught pneumonia from her patients, and her lungs were never quite cured.