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While the more traditional Buhdist or Tibetan monks meditate to obtain a higher spirituality or to lucid dream; meditation has also been used for both clinical populations and the general public to treat stress and stress related conditions, as well as to encourage better health.

According to Varvogli & Darviri (2011), it is important that patients are aware of the possibilities of anxiety and depression, as well how one is affected when undergoing anxiety and or depression.

The essay goes on to examine the relationship between memory and wisdom.

The Buddha spreads his many beliefs and achievements throughout his life, discovers the meaning of The Eightfold Path, and explains how The Eightfold Path connects to the Nirvana....

Both of these show the inescapably ethical nature of mindfulness.

In these sites positive messages are conveyed about the benefits of meditation to its practitioner within the physiological, psychological, sociological, intellectual, and interpersonal realms....

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And how does the Buddha speak of mindfulness of feeling as a basis for insight?

His description provides that two groups listened to a fifteen-minute tape, to establish either a state of mindfulness or mind-wandering, and were subsequently asked to answer a question that involved a sunk cost decision (Bergland, 2014).

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Consequently, readers cannot determine if the increased resistance to sunk cost bias was caused by being in a state of mindfulness or a confounding variable that may not have been accounted for....


Right mindfulness, defined as “the clear and single-minded awareness of what actually happens to us and in us, at the successive moments of perception,” holds an essential role in the practice of Buddhist meditation (Klostermaier, Buddhism, Pg....

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Many times eating disorders could be less prevalent, but throughout today’s era eating disorders have increased significantly; the most common eating disorder, anorexia nervosa has increased three times over the past forty years (Bäck, 2011).

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Upon reflecting on my meditation experience, I realized that initially I had a deviated focus and would often experience wayward thoughts during sessions....

Christopher Titmuss books, The Buddha of Love, The Mindfulness Manual, Poems from the Edge of Time, Meditation Healing, Mindfulness for Everyday Living.

Those entering a marriage usually enter it with high levels of satisfaction, with the intention of maintaining this happiness throughout the rest of their lives.

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Martial studies researchers are dedicated to inventing and testing interventions that will aid distressed couples reach satisfactory levels of functioning, as well as understanding how couples can maintain healthy relatio...

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In my experience with mindfulness based meditation, I established a connection between my mental state and my body as well as assessed my thoughts in a non-judgmental approach.