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Contents: Part I. Building bridges into work: The third way approach; The role of the third sector in the third way; Beyond bridges into employment: strengthening the 'community economy'; Part II. The anatomy of a third sector initiative: Local Exchange and Trading Schemes (LETS); Examining LETS; The origins and growth of LETS; Who joins and why?; Part III. Evaluating LETS as bridges into work: LETS as bridges into employment; LETS as seedbeds of self-employment; LETS as vehicles for mutual aid; Barriers to participation in LETS; Part IV. Harnessing LETS: Changes required in the internal operating environment; Changes required in the external operating environment; Conclusions.

Full Description: This book examines views about what poverty is and what should be done about it. 'Poverty' means many different things to different people - for example, material deprivation, lack of money, dependency on benefits, social exclusion or inequality. In The idea of poverty, Paul Spicker makes a committed argument for a participative, inclusive understanding of the term.

Synopsis: Making a committed argument for a participative, inclusive understanding of the term, Paul Spicker examines views about what poverty is and what should be done about it.

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Contents: Executive summary; Background and methodology; Family, community and society: placing long-term health conditions in context; Individual experiences of long-term ill-health: barriers and supports to 'resilience'; Long-term health conditions and employment; Long-term health conditions and welfare benefits; Long-term health conditions and social participation; Relevance of findings for national policy.

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Kate Morris is Head of Social Work, University of Birmingham. She was the project manager for the National Evaluation of the Children' Fund. She has researched and published in the areas of prevention, family involvement and multi-agency working. Marian Barnes is Professor of Social Policy at the University of Brighton, where she is also Director of the Health and Social Policy Research Centre. She has written and researched extensively in the areas of social exclusion, citizenship and participation and was Deputy Co Director of the National Evaluation of the Children's Fund. Paul Mason was a senior researcher with the National Evaluation of the Children's Fund and led strands of the research. He is now Senior Consultant at GHK International. He has researched and published in the areas of youth crime, research and evaluation methodology and children's preventative services.

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