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The Center started as walk-in tutoring service offered by Dr. Linda Morales. Dr. Morales utilized a cooperative model of shared knowledge and learning, inviting students who had successfully mastered the concepts of Discrete Mathematics to assist in the mentoring of the next generation of Discrete Math students. Her goal was to provide additional resources to ensure that students understood, embraced and owned the principles of Discrete Mathematics. The DMMC has grown into a vibrant center open 7 days a week. It offers a variety of services designed to enhance and reinforce classroom activities by engaging students in an immersive environment. Students receive on-the-spot individualized or group tutoring. They attend review sessions tightly integrated with classroom lectures. Students can study and do their homework at the Center, where expert coaching is readily available. Instructors offer quizzes through the Center and address deficiencies through targeted review sessions, freeing classroom time to cover new material.

Dr. Morales, DMMC Director, explains the DMMC vision, “Our students begin the semester with a desire to learn. This is best done through engagement, support and immersion. We are fortunate to be able to provide students an environment that reinforces their learning and helps them achieve their potential as computer scientists and software engineers. The best compliment for a professor is for a student to say: ‘I learned so much in your class… My understanding is so much better now.’”

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Feedback from one instructor highlights the value added by the Center. “…one thing that stood out is that compared to previous semesters, many more students were able to correctly answer questions on fundamental concepts of computer organization. … I believe this is a direct result from the successful review session … before the exam and the excellent mentoring service provided by mentors of the DMMC. I also polled the students in both of my classes and many of them indicated that they benefit from that review session and the mentoring services…I just wanted to express my gratitude to the services that the DMMC provides to students in my classes and would like to say a big ‘Thank you!’ to you! I also hope that the Center will continue to provide mentoring services and review sessions…”

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