Writing to Show Cause and Effect.

Choosing the essay topic for cause and effect essay type is not difficult, here are some :

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Cause – Cause of global warming ; Effect – The planet is warming.

so/ As a result/ are due to/The consequence of/ Owing to/one effect of/ This is because/ as/ Hence/ consequently/ The effect of/ consequent (levels)/ therefore/ (creates)/ As a result/ For this reason/ Thus/ as a consequence

Help On Writing A Cause And Effect Essay

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3rd Causal link: The unfiltered ultraviolet rays cause overheating and melt an iceberg which causes Global warming.

This pattern is different from above patterns. Here, an event causes something to occur and that situation points to another event, and it causes another event to occur and so on. This is called the Causal chain or Domino effect. Let’s take an example “Deodorants will bring an end to the world”.


In this pattern, all the causes are discussed in a single paragraph and all the effects are discussed in separate paragraphs i.e. each paragraph is dedicated to one of the effects. Let us take an example, “what motivates parents to purchase cell phones for their kids?”All the justifications for buying mobile phones for their kids are discussed in one single paragraph whereas the various consequences of cell phone use by children are discussed in separate paragraphs.

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Body 1 and Body 2 are written in separate paragraphs. An example of this pattern is “Causes of divorce” are explained in one paragraph and the effects or consequences of divorce are explained in another paragraph.

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However, there can be many causes and many effects of a situation and it totally depends on the topic of the essay. Depending on the topic, there are three major patterns of organizing cause and effect.

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Writing a good essay about cause and effect is easier than other essays. It follows a and once you form the outline of the essay, it can be written in no time.

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You may have other ideas and are not sure how to use them in a cause and effect essay.
Feel free to ask about getting ideas to help shape your topic into a Cause and Effect framework.

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•Causes of symptoms or conditions (medicine and health—autism, ADHD, cancer, sports injuries)
•Causes of student success or failure, effects of teaching methods or tools (online learning, adult learners, returning students, homeschooling)
•Causes of business growth and failure, marketing, business trends
•Causes and effects of climate change, ecological change, scientific phenomena
(adapted from Russell 196)

IELTS Cause and Effect Essay

Write an academic essay where you show a clear relationship between cause and effect, with a topic chosen from your major field of study, your work life, or your personal life. Here are some examples of topics from your textbook and from successful student papers: