How to write an essay after interviewing someone

How To Write A Custom Essay After Interviewing Someone

Chat/Messaging Interviews: It is also possible to interview someone via an instant messaging service such as MSN Messenger, ICQ, or AOL Instant Messenger. These interviews allow you to talk to people at great distances and give you the benefit of adapting your questioning based on the responses you receive. Some people are not fluent at typing, however, so you may not get as lengthy responses from this option.

When Tuesday nightrolled around, my normal time to visit the 2nd-year architecturestudio, I still had to finalize my questions and the meeting times for myperspective interviewees. After my regular Tuesday meeting of the CollegeDemocrats (around 8:10 p.m.), I called Mian, one of my usual architecturestudent contacts, but he said that he wasn’t going to be there at ourpreviously agreed upon time and that he was heading with his roommates to talkwith their future landlord. He was going to be back at 9:40, so I decided to head to the Pattee Library to work on my questions. I also contacted Christiwho I had scheduled an appointment with, but I later learned that she was onlyplanning to stop by the studio to pick up some supplies.

How honest are you going to be about your interview assignment? In most cases, you don't need to actually interview someone. You can simply write the paper based on the concepts you have been learning in class. You can even find interviews by searching Google. To get an "A" on this or any assignment, the most important strategy is to structure it by writing one paragraph about each concept from the assignment instructions.

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Writing a paper based on an interview, sometimes referred to as an interview essay, may involve creating the paper differently than a typical essay or research paper. Some see it being similar to an exploratory essay or summary analysis response essay. Basically, you’ll give a summary of information receive during an interview into a question that will be analyzed through your written data. You’ll be giving an idea on why the response was given during the interviewing process.

How to Write a Paper on an Interview

For example, maybe you are doing an interview assignment for a social studies class, a class about cultural studies, or a even a language class. You might be asked to interview someone who came to your country and did not know how to speak English when they first arrived. If it is a class about cultural diversity, you might be learning about concepts like these:

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What will be the thesis statement (keen observation) of your interview paper? You cannot know the theme until it "emerges" in the paragraphs, so write the body paragraphs first. Then, it will be easy to make the thesis statement (a keen observation) about the theme. After that, the trick is to add a Paragraph Topic Sentence to the beginning of every paragraph to introduce the main idea of the paragraph in a way that supports your keen observation.

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Email Interviews: Email interviews are less personal than face-to-face or phone interviews, but highly convenient for most individuals. You may not get as much information from someone in an email interview because you are not able to ask follow-up questions or play off the interviewee’s responses. However, email interviews are useful because they are already in a digital format.

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I couldn’t believehow honest they were with me, it was like I was their connection to the outsideworld and that I was their hope in showing the outside what they experience,because according to them one can’t fully write about what it’s like to be inarchitecture without being in it. They even joked about the Collegian articlethat talked about the hardships of architecture students last year, saying thatit barely touched on the surface of what they experience on a daily basis. Itfelt like they really wanted me to expose what really goes on in the studio, asif they were in a prison-like environment where their stories couldn’t be toldunless it came from an insider, someone who has been there and knows what itslike.

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On our way backto town, Jared and I talked about the rules set forth by Handy Delivery. Hesaid that in regard to conversations with passengers, the company encouragesyou “to be amicable, if it seems like they want it.” He himself preferstalkative customers because it helps to pass the time, and also improves thetips. Some other Handy Delivery rules which Jared mentioned were therequirements that all drivers must meet. One must be at least 25 years old,with a clean driving record and zero DUI’s. Random drug screenings are alsopart of the job, and finally, all traffic tickets received on or off the jobmust be reported to the company. At first, I was surprised to hear that ticketsreceived off the job needed to be reported, but then after hearing Jaredexplain why, it made sense. If a driver had received a number of ticketsoutside of work, and then got pulled over during work and found that he couldno longer drive because of those tickets, his job performance would suffer. Irealized how important it is for taxi drivers to make intelligent decisionsboth on and off the job. Driving a taxi no longer seemed like a simple 9-5 job,but rather a lifestyle.

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The first thing to do is choose a subject. Your professor will either give you guidelines (such as a family member) or allow you to choose whomever you please. Of course, it's necessary to have the cooperation of you interviewee. Regardless of how interesting you think the person is, if they don't wish to be interviewed, you'll need to choose someone else. Don't overlook people who you feel don't have a lot of interesting tidbits to offer. Everyone has a story and you might be surprised at all the things you didn't know about a seemingly boring person.