The second characteristic of professionalism is responsibility.

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In sum, in this section we have presented a framework withnine perspectives across the components of professionalism, and abrief overview of the US Army and its tensions with politicalleaders and the society it serves. We have also noted itsdeclining professionalism and effectiveness. There is, as we willdiscuss in Parts III and IV, much behind each of theseperspectives and many inter-relationships that need to beexamined if one is to understand well the reasons behind suchdeclines. Suffice to say that such a decline has been the casehistorically in America after every major war. Thus the Army isnow deeply involved in a necessary and vital transition from aCold War Army focused on the "big war" in Europe to anArmy of a different character to be used for a different set ofmissions under different priorities.

Since the rapid growth of both amateur and professional sports in the beginning of the previous century, sports like hockey, basketball and curling became inseparable part of Canadian culture.

Teachers are constantly making decisions about professionalism and ethics, teaching strategies, classroom management, and how to keep their students motivated.

Professionalism is the conduct that makes a profession.

A professional is expected to perform and maintain him or herself at a high standard in exercising sensitive and moral judgement in all their practices.

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You don't need to worry, because we will send a professional who will provide you with several options and help you choose the one that suits your taste the most.

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, not unlike the rest of the squadron, had little impact at the Falklands other than surviving and undertaking the war’s most celebrated sea chase that frustrated the British Navy for several months to follow.

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Endeavor to escape.” He obliged and was able to maintain enough distance and speed to escape the Royal Navy onslaught.[41] Hans Pochhamer, one of few survivors from , recalled:

The professionalism of the employee was unquestionable; for years he had worked diligently and with discretion, earning the accolades of his superiors and peers.

It is not easy to find answers to these questions. The medical personnel are difficult to identify and reluctant to discuss their roles, even when offered anonymity. Among the 15 medical professionals I located who have helped with executions, however, I found 4 physicians and 1 nurse who agreed to speak with me; collectively, they have helped with at least 45 executions. None were zealots for the death penalty, and none had a simple explanation for why they did this work. The role, most said, had crept up on them.

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The code of ethics of the Society of Correctional Physicians establishes an even stricter ban: “The correctional health professional shall . . . not be involved in any aspect of execution of the death penalty.” The American Nurses Association (ANA) has adopted a similar prohibition. Only the national pharmacists' society, the American Pharmaceutical Association, permits involvement, accepting the voluntary provision of execution medications by pharmacists as ethical conduct.

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The two most prominent causes of the officer corps’muddle are not hard to identify. Political guidance to the Armystill requires conventional capabilities to execute nearlysimultaneously two major regional conflicts, hence the retentionby many within the officer corps of the "big Army, big war"vision and essence, and also the retention of the bulk of theArmy’s Cold War force structure and infrastructure. In starkcontrast, the Clinton administration has since 1993 repeatedlyreceived the approval of the American people for the conduct ofOOTW. Given the reality of a desirable "can do"attitude among the middle and lower ranks of the officer corps,it is not surprising a significant majority of those officers nowaccept OOTW missions as the purpose and essence of the Army,indeed, as the vision for the future. They have experiencednothing else and have been presented with no other vision of thefuture that is credible to them.

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Unbeknown to Spee, Royal Navy forces commanded by Rear-Admiral Sir Christopher Craddock were stationed between Valparaiso and Punta Arenas after a prolonged chase of led them around Cape Horn.[35]

The German squadron gained an overwhelming victory at Coronel on 1 November 1914 giving the Imperial Navy much needed victory at sea not yet realized (or attempted) in the North Atlantic.