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It simply takes protected time, a full heart, targeted conversation, and lots of listening to reboot the parent-child connection. And definitely don’t forget the laughs.

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There are some cases where PGD is not an effective option — for example, where both parents carry two copies of recessive disease-causing genes, or where at least one parent carries two copies of a dominant disease-causing gene. These will always be very rare cases, however, representing a small minority of the population. Furthermore, these kinds of cases would by definition only involve diseases that are later-onset and less serious than the most lethal genetic diseases, since they would involve prospective parents who are not just carriers but are themselves patients affected by the disease who have nonetheless survived to adulthood. These kinds of cases might be good candidates for postnatal gene therapy instead of editing the genes of embryos.

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Pays $1,000-$1,500.   Publishes personal essays (650 words) in the magazine’s YOU section.

he conventional wisdom that has taken shape around genetic technologies holds that we should sharply distinguish between “somatic” gene therapies (which we are supposed to consider largely acceptable) and “germline” gene therapies (which we should oppose). The former category involves genetic changes that are not passed on to children, such as the used for the past two decades to treat disorders of the immune system. By contrast, the latter category involves genetic changes that are passed on through the germ cells (sperm and egg) from parents to children. This can be done in two ways:

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concern sometimes raised with germline modification is that of consent. For instance, Paul Knoepfler, in his recent book , describes parents who choose to genetically modify a child “(particularly for a non-medical reason) as having forced that decision on the future child without [the child’s] consent.”

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Properly understood, then, the question is not about consent but about whether and how the well-being of future generations ought to enter into medical decisions. If a treatment, such as genetic modification, seems necessary for a patient here and now, should we withhold that treatment because it might affect the patient’s as-yet-unconceived offspring? An embryo, having been brought into existence, is a human organism with medical needs — an embryo can be cared for well or badly, and will live or die, or grow to be healthy or sick, in part on the basis of how it is cared for in its earliest stages. A single-celled embryo carrying two copies of a mutation that causes cystic fibrosis arguably does not yet have the disease (it will not exhibit any of the disease’s symptoms at this stage), but that organism will over time develop the disease. Editing those mutations is then a form of preventative medicine — not, principally, for future generations, but for the embryo, and for the child and adult that the embryo will grow up to be.

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Submissions open to all Black, womxn-identifying people, including trans women, gender non-conforming people, non-binary people, gender-fluid people, and queer people.

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And so, as we discuss how CRISPR might be used in medicine, we should keep in mind that gene therapy will never be more effective than the level set by clinical genetics. If we do not know enough to predict or diagnose disease on the basis of genetics, we will not be able to cure or prevent disease through gene-editing techniques. Clinical genetics will likely improve in coming years as scientists gather ever more data from ever more patients, and we can expect that therapies for specific genetic disorders — especially those associated with a small number of genetic mutations — may be available in the years ahead. But even if we had a robust understanding of the mutations that cause disease, we would still be far from understanding the genetic basis of complex traits such as athleticism or intelligence that parents might seek to design in their offspring.