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Of course, Tagore penned other autobiographical accounts by the names of Europe Jatrir Patro or "Letters from Europe" and Manusher Dhormo or "The Religion of Man", but the stories of his young days mesmerized me for the longest time.

So, whether you wish to write an autobiography or just have an urge to take a peek at the real lives of the famous and notorious, these autobiographies are worth reading.

374) by Libanius
• Out of Place: A Memoir (2000) by Edward Said
• Over Seventy: An Autobiography with Digressions (1957) by Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

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Several passages of her autobiography, as it appeared in serial form, have beenmade the subject of a grave editorial in a Boston newspaper, in which the writerregretted Miss Keller's apparent disillusionment in regard to the value of hercollege life.

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Among them are "Henry Esmond," "Bacon's Essays" andextracts from "English Literature." Perhaps next week I shall have some morebooks, "The Tempest," "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and possibly someselections from Green's history of England.

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I did not realize until I began to write the sketch for the , what precious companions books have been to me, and how blessed even my life has been: and now I am happier than ever because I do realize the happiness that has come to me.

Fictional truth is a question of perspective, not autobiography.

On George Washington's birthday we all went to the Dog Show, and although there was a great crowd in the Madison Square Garden, and despite the bewilderment caused by the variety of sounds made by the dog-orchestra, which was very confusing to those who could hear them, we enjoyed the afternoon very much.

10.12.2015 · The story that emerged was that, one neighbour had hit with a stick the dog of another neighbour

Dear, Gentle Poet:–I fear that you will think Helen a very troublesome little girl if she writes to you too often; but how is she to help sending you loving and grateful messages, when you do so much to make her glad?

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Hitz,I hardly know how to begin a letter to you, it has been such a long time since your kind letter reached me, and there is so much that I would like to write if I could.

19.12.2015 · Free sample essay on The Autobiography of a Dog for kids. I am the fifth child of my parents. My father was an Alsatian but my mother was an ordinary breed.

Millais:–Your little American sister is going to write you a letter, because she wants you to know how pleased she was to hear you were interested in our poor little Tommy, and had sent some money to help educate him.

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Dear Kind Poet,This is your birthday; that was the first thought which came into my mind when I awoke this morning; and it made me glad to think I could write you a letter and tell you how much your little friends love their sweet poet and his birthday.

An autobiography is a presentation of the events of an individual's life, in words and/or pictures

TURNER)[TUSCUMBIA, ALABAMA, June 17, 1887.]helen write anna george will give helen apple simpson will shoot bird jack will give helen stick of candy doctor will give mildred medicine mother will make mildred new dress [No signature]Twenty-five days later, while she was on a short visit away from home, she wrote to her mother.